How Tissue Paper Can Soothe and Protect Irritated Eyes from Conjunctivitis

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Tissue paper for conjunctivitis issue

Using tissue paper for conjunctivitis can have some benefits in terms of hygiene and reducing the spread of infection. Conjunctivitis, also known as “pink eye,” is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the clear tissue covering the white part of the eye and lining the inner surface of the eyelids). It can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, allergies, or irritants. Here are some specific benefits of using tissue paper for conjunctivitis:

1). Hygiene and Cleaning:

Tissue paper can be used to gently clean and wipe away any discharge, mucus, or crust that can accumulate on the eyelids & eyelashes during conjunctivitis. This helps maintain good hygiene around the affected eye, preventing discomfort and potential complications.

2). Moisture Control:

Tissue paper can help absorb excess tears & discharge, preventing the eye area from becoming overly moist. This can reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal growth and help prevent further irritation.

3). Comfort:

Paper tissue wipes can provide relief from itching, discomfort & the gritty sensation often associated with conjunctivitis. By keeping the eye area clean, tissue paper can contribute overall comfort from infected discharge and crust.

4). Preventing spread of Infection:

Conjunctivitis is highly contagious & using tissue paper to gently wipe the eye can help contain and reduce the spread of infectious particles. Proper disposal of used tissue paper minimizes the risk of transferring the infection to other surfaces or individuals.

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5). Reducing irritation:

Foreign particles, allergens & discharge from the affected eye can exacerbate irritation. Using tissue paper to carefully remove these substances can help alleviate irritation and improve comfort.

6). Minimizing self-contamination:

While handling the affected eye or applying medication, using tissue paper as a barrier between your fingers and the eye can prevent self-contamination and the introduction of additional bacteria.

7). Convenience:

Tissue paper is widely available and convenient for use both at home and when outside too. It provides an easy and accessible way to manage symptoms and maintain hygiene.

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Can you get Pink Eye from touching paper?


Pink eye (Conjunctivitis) is commonly acquired through contact with contaminated objects (i.e. pillow cases, towels, books, others make-up). These objects become contaminated through direct contact with infected eye discharge or from hands that were not properly washed after touching an infected eye.

However, uses of paper tissue don’t spread any kind of conjunctivitis, if we follow proper disposing & medical instruction to avoid spread of bacteria and communicable diseases.

Is it good to use tissue paper while having infection?


Definitely it’s a key measure in preventing the transmission of viruses such as conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) and cold/flu infections. The daily use of tissue paper plays an important role to control infection & maintain good hygiene practices while having pink eye.

In summary, tissue paper can offer some benefits in managing conjunctivitis by maintaining hygiene, reducing the spread of infection, and providing comfort. However, proper medical evaluation and treatment should be the priority, and tissue paper should only be used as a supplementary measure. There are many paper tissue brands are available in market among of them, Wipon brand is one of the premium quality brand which have wide range of products for various kind of applications, Such as Tissue box, Wet tissue wipes, Commercial kitchen paper roll, HRT Rolls, JRT Rolls, Laboratory uses last but not the least custom printed with soft & great texture, size option available for your valuable brands. Wipon brand always endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction in terms of product quality.

In-addition, we promote good hygiene practices and support a clean and healthy lifestyle for individuals and communities too. Buy Tissue paper products from (wipon brand) with proud because its total made in India (Incited by Local for vocal program by Gov. of India).

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